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This section is continuously updated and I recommend checking it periodically for new information.



A Taste of Magic (Magic of the The Damned Book 3) –  Released

Spellcast  (Raven Cursed Book 7) –  TBA (Available for Preorder)



A Taste of Magic (Magic of the The Damned Book 3) – January 2024



Completed Series:

Sky Brooks (Complete: 7 books) 

Sky Books World: Ethan (Complete: 7 books)

Legacy (Complete: 4 books) 

Magic of the Damned (Complete: 3 Books)

Ongoing Series:  

Raven Cursed (Incomplete: 4 books available; 7 books planned)

I will continue to write short stories for the completed series that will only be available for subscribers of my mailing list. Make sure you are subscribed. https://mckenziehunter.com/newsletter



Why are your preorders so long? 

I will always put the preorder a year out but it’s just a placeholder. The expected release date will on the book’s page, above the blurb. Unfortunately, things occur that can delay a release. It’s easier to move a release date up than to delay a preorder. Please check back for updates on releases.

Should I read Sky Brooks Series (SBS) and then Sky Brooks World: Ethan (SBW)?

Based on the comments in my group, some people read SBS first because SBW wasn’t complete at the time. However, for the best reading experience, the consensus seems to be to alternate. Book 1 of SBS then Book 1 of SBW etc.

Sky Brooks World is the Sky Brooks series from Ethan’s POV, will you do this for all your series or with other characters?

No, I won’t write the series from any other characters POV. I enjoyed writing Ethan’s with my co-writers, but writing from an alternative POV was specific to Ethan. I love to write multi-dimensional, complex, and flawed characters. But of all the characters I’ve written, I felt that his story needed to be further explored to give readers more insight into his character and what went on behind the scenes in the pack. It also gives the reader a new perspective of Sky.

Do you make money from your books being in KU (Kindle Unlimited)?

Yes. I appreciate readers wanting to ensure that I’m adequately compensated for my books.  Kindle Unlimited (KU) is a rather complex program and it’s a pain to explain, but I am compensated for being in the program. Please read my books in the format that works best for you: ebook (purchased or KU), audio, or paperback.

Why does the audiobook version of your book take so long?

Producing an audiobook is a longer process. After the book is narrated, it goes through post: editing and sound engineering. Then the author must proof it. Once that is done, it has to go through ACX (the audiobook production company)  for a final pass. They used to have a fourteen day turn around, but lately it has taken over thirty business days for them to approve the final audio file. 

I heard a song that reminded me of a book, character, or scene, can it be added to your series playlist?

Great, email me the song. I can’t guarantee it will be added to the playlist but I’m always on the lookout for new music.

When will the next book in the Magic of the Damned or Raven Cursed Series be released?

I try to release every four months. However, sometimes things happen that delay the process. Understanding my process (it’s different for all authors) might give you a better understanding. After the book is written, it goes through editing. That usually takes seven to fourteen days for the first pass. After I make corrections, the editor does a second pass. If there are more corrections, I make them and then send it to the proofreader. Proofreading/Line Editing takes seven to ten days. Unfortunately, sometimes things happen and it delays the release but I try to adhere to my release schedule as much as possible.

To find out about releases, updates, and changes first join my readers group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/McKenzieHunter

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