Sky Brooks World: Ethan Books 1-4| Sky Brooks World: Ethan | Author McKenzie Hunter
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Sky Brooks World: Ethan: Books 1-4

An Urban Fantasy Boxed Set: Sky Brooks World (Ethan)

About the Book

The Sky Brook World: Ethan boxed set includes includes the first four books in the series full of edge-of-your-seat adventure, mystery with unexpected twists, humor, and a slow-burn romance.

This series is Ethan’s POV of the Sky Brooks series with added scenes and storylines. It can be read alone, but reading the Sky Brooks series first will enhance your reading experience.


I protect my pack at all costs—and I never fail.

The vampires have broken our tentative truce and are threatening to destroy my pack. At the center of their scheme is Sky, an enigmatic lone wolf, who they believe is a weapon that can be used against us.

Nothing about the quiet, doe-eyed brunette screams “danger” or “ruthless weapon.” And that’s the problem. My wolf’s instinct says to protect her, especially after a necromancer tries to kill her, the vampires repeatedly attempt to abduct her, and we receive a dire warning about her.

But as more is discovered about the elusive lone wolf, I quickly realize she’s more dangerous than she looks.

Can I neutralize the situation and protect her life, or do what I do best—protect the pack at all costs?


When Sky decided not to join our pack, I thought that would be the end of our dealings with the enigmatic wolf. But she’s pulled back into pack business when Sky’s the first one on the scene of a murder attempt of one of our pack members.

At first, I mark it off as a coincidence but I’m proven wrong.

After more attacks are made on the pack and assassins go after the vampires, Chris, my ex, discovers a link between Sky and the person behind the attacks.

I knew there was more to Sky than meets the eye, that she’s a magnet for trouble and a danger to my pack and herself, but I’m not convinced she’s the person we are looking for.

When it comes to eliminating threats, the pack and the vampires believe in no mercy. Now, I have to find the mastermind behind the attacks and prove that Sky isn’t involved to protect her from the vampires.


I’m losing control.

Past choices are coming back to haunt me, and an old curse threatens to drive me from the pack. 

Sky is the only person who can help me with the curse. To do so, she’ll have to perform forbidden magic that will draw the attention of the witches. They’ve been vying for a reason to kill Sky, and performing forbidden magic will give them one.

In the past, I haven’t given Sky a reason to trust me, let alone the desire to save me. Now I need her to do both. Will she risk her life to save mine?


A pack is only as strong as their Alpha. After an attack injures our Alpha, a rival pack tries to take control of the Midwest Pack. I have to consider the unimaginable to protect my pack—challenge our Alpha. A challenge against the pack’s Alpha is a challenge to the death. Am I prepared to do this?

Loyalties are divided and our pack is ready to implode. Saving my pack from self-destruction becomes impossible when Sky’s relationship with an enigmatic vampire puts a price on her head, and Josh’s continued use of dark magic brings on the wrath of the witches and earns him new enemies.

While the pack’s in chaos, it’s not just them I need to protect, but Sky and my brother as well. I’m starting to lose my tenuous grip on my control.


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The Details

Published: December 8, 2018
Publisher: Sky Publishing LLC
Formats: Ebook
Genres & Tropes
Urban Fantasy, Magical Fantasy, Supernatural Magic, Shifters, Werewolves