Ironclad | Raven Cursed Series | Author McKenzie Hunter
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Book 6: Raven Cursed Series

About the Book

For most of my life, all I wanted was magic. Now I have it. Powerful magic. And I can say with certainty, the cost for it was way too high.

My life is in shambles. The most powerful vampire in the city wants me to help sire a family as repayment for a debt. I’m at war with elves. The local werewolves’ leader won’t stop being a certifiable Alpha-hole. And Mephisto has been banished from my world. I thought things couldn’t get worse.

I was so wrong.

After being framed to make it look as if I betrayed the fae, I’ve become a target of their wrath. And it’s terrifying. If I can’t fix this, I won’t have to worry about all my other problems.

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Narrator: Khristine Hvam
Runtime: 7hr and 51min

The Details

Published: March 1, 2023
Publisher: Sky Publishing LLC
Pages: 254
Formats: EbookPaperbackAudiobook
ISBN-10: 1946457361 ISBN-13: 978-1946457363 ASIN: B09SLRRGM5
Genres & Tropes
urban fantasy, dark fantasy, paranormal fantasy