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​My goal was to write a blog at least once a week. That SO didn’t happen. Life has been a little hectic this year but I am very happy to announce that I am writing full-time (for now).  😃 I decided to take a year off of work.🎇🎇 🎇So what does this mean? I have more time to write (read, Facebook, catch up on Blogs, and binge watch Penny Dreadful) no, I mean write.  I have a lot more time to write.
Because I now write for a living I have several projects I am working on. If you follow me on Facebook (If you don’t, what are you waiting for? ) 😃 you know that I have a new series. The Legacy Series. The first book is Double-Sided Magic and it will be out November 11, 2016. My friend Mason Reed is also working on Moon Tortured from Ethan’s POV. It’s scheduled for release in November. I can’t tell you much more because I’ve been forbidden from asking any questions about the book. Apparently (based on his feedback) I’m annoying and my constant need for updates was getting on his nerves. So, I welcome you to email him and get updates and if he tells you anything, tell me.  😃  But I am confident he will do the book and Ethan’s character justice because on some days he can be rather Ethan-ish.
Sky Brooks Series Book 5 will be released early December. However, because no matter how much I plan, life just gets in the way. If it is too close to the holidays then I will release it in January 2017. The same thing for Obsidian Magic, Book 2 of  the Legacy Series.
Along with my Urban Fantasy books, I write Romance under a pen name. I’ve decided not to go public with it but it’s not a big secret. I’m just hiding it from my mother. Did I mention that it’s a Steamy Romance and my mother thinks the sex scenes in the Sky Brooks Series are naughty. I can’t imagine what she would think if she read my Romance.  There you have it. I’m keeping my Romance pen name a secret because I’m afraid of my mother.  😃  If you are interested just send me an email and I will give you the name.  
I am participating in an Urban Fantasy Halloween Party. Please join us. Not only will you be able to interact with a few of your favorite authors but there will be giveaways and prizes galore. If you love all things Urban Fantasy, join me on Urban Fantasy Fans and Urban Fantasy Addict where we discuss all things Urban Fantasy.
Just a friendly reminder, if you haven’t will you please leave a review. US  UK  AU  CA. They are so important to indie authors and provides us with feedback and help other readers discover our books.  Please take a minute to leave a short review of my books. Also, follow me on Bookbub. That’s the end of my shameless plugs.  😃
That’s my update. I would love to tell you I plan to write an entry weekly; but, I can’t but I will make sure to give updates.  
ETA: Tantor Media purchased the right to Sky Brooks Series and it will be available in audiobook format soon. 😃
ETA (on Nov 10, 2016). Due to personal issues my releases will be delayed. I apologize for it. At this time, I can’t give specific date, however; Sky Brooks Series Book 5, Sky Brooks Book 1 Ethan’s POV, and Legacy Series Book 2 will be released in early 2017.  I will update the information on website, blog and Facebook. If you have any questions about Ethan’s POV please contact Mason on his Facebook Page or email him. 

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