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Happy New Year!

PictureWell, 2016 was a very good and life altering year for me and had a lot of changes. The biggest one being: I BECAME A FULL-TIME WRITER!😃 I couldn’t have done it without my readers and I will NEVER be able to thank you enough. ((HUGS)). I enjoyed being a physical therapist it was rewarding but I absolutely love writing and being able to give life to all the stories dancing around in my head.

Here’s my year in review: In June I released Lunar Marked and based on reviews and reader feedback, it’s the best one in the series so far. Yay!😃 I also released Double-Sided Magic, the first book in the Legacy Series and ventured into a new genre with my steamy romances under a pen name. The Sky Brooks Series rights were purchased by Tantor Media and will be available in audio in 2017. The schedule they gave me is: February 2nd, (Moon Tortured), March 7th (Darkness Unchained), April 4th (Midnight Falls), and May 2nd (Lunar Marked).

I had a lot of great things happen in 2016 but I also had some bad ones as well. Unfortunately, Ethan’s POV will not be published as expected. The only thing I can say is I’m REALLY SORRY. I truly am. Mason bailed on the project just a week before Christmas. I was blindsided and quite devastated by his decision to do so. I really would like Ethan’s story to be told and I’m in the process of trying to find another author to work on the project. The only thing that I can promise is that I will be more cautious in picking the next person for the project so this will not happen again. Based on everything that has transpired, I will not announce the project until it is actually complete and ready to be published. I think that’s the best way to handle the situation because it is quite difficult for me to have to deliver this news and I really hate that I have to.  I can’t express how much it bothers me to disappoint the readers who were looking forward to it. Once again, I am very sorry.

What are my plans for 2017? I’m glad you asked. Sky Brooks Series will end this year with six books. I will release the last two books in the series this year. The first four books in the Sky Brooks Series will be available in paperback this month. There will be four books in The Legacy Series and I plan to release two this year. I’m on track to release Obsidian Magic (The Legacy Series, Book 2) and Moon Cursed (Sky Brooks Series, Book 5). Things happen between beta readings, editing, and proofreading that could delay publication date but I will always let you know if there are delays. I’m part of an anthology with a group of wonderful authors whose books I’m sure you’ve read and that will be released August 1st. All the stories will feature dragons, magic, and kick-butt MCs. I’m really excited about it. Finally, I have a collaboration project with Gena Lutz. We have a fun and thrilling adventure in store for our readers and I can’t wait for you all to read it.

That’s my plans for this year and I’m just thrilled about each one.

REVIEWS. REVIEWS. REVIEWS. I wish I could express how important they are to authors. Reviews are feedback and I love getting feedback. Not only do reviews give me feedback and let me know what you thought of the books but they help other readers decide if they want to give my books a chance. If you haven’t, please leave a review of each book. If you’re pressed for time, I really would appreciate a review of Moon Tortured, and Darkness Unchained since they are the first two in the series.

How do you imagine the characters? A lot of people ask me about the characters in the Sky Brooks Series, more specifically which actors/actresses (and a few models) do I picture them as. Honestly, most of my characters are modeled after people I’ve seen during one of my people watching sessions or my friends, family, and associates. However, for fun I did make a list of actors/actresses (and some models) who remind me of my characters. I’ve debated whether to post my list. I don’t know about you but when I have an image of the character in my head it is really disappointing when I see a picture of the character and it isn’t even close to what I imagined. Yeah, I’m looking at you EVERY book that has been made into a television show or movie.  So, to keep you from going through that with my characters I will hold off posting the list unless you want to see it. If you do, just leave a comment and if I get enough responses in favor of doing it  I will post it on my next blog.

Here’s a peek at a few: (CLICK AT YOUR OWN RISK 😃)

Happy New Year and may you have a wonderful year.

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I am a huge fan of your books! You are my favourite author


Hi! When is the 6th book in the lunar marked series being released! I thought I saw some release dates that said it would be released this month.

I have added you to my favorite authors, and you’re amongst phenomenal company! I love your books and writing style, along with your use of vocabulary and the English language! I just finished book 3 of The Legacy series, and what a cliffhanger! When will Book 4 be published? I can hardly wait to see what will happen next and how the series will conclude!! I love the characters and world you’ve created, as well… Also, have you considered building out the series into additional books or stories about the supporting characters or possibly other characters in other cities/places within… Read more »