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I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and will have an exceptional new year. Happy 2016!

I know I am late, but December was a very tough month. Unfortunately, I experienced two major losses: my uncle and my editor and friend (John—I mentioned him many times in my blog) both died in December. Most writers can write through life’s ups and downs, but I am not one of them. I took several weeks off from writing.

Although I wasn’t exactly writing, I was doing a lot of behind the scene things associated with the series. My cover artist is working on Book 4. I still don’t have a title, so if you have an idea, please send me an email and if I choose it; I will mention you in my acknowledgment.  

​How many books will there be in the series? I get this question a lot and for a long time I didn’t have an answer, now I do. There will be 6 books in the Sky Brooks Series. Due to the time I took off from writing, I had to push back my release date for Book 4. Initially, it was scheduled for release in February but the release will be mid-March. I apologize for the delay, but if I would have attempted to write in the state I was in, I am sure it would have been very evident in my work and I didn’t want that.  

Happy New Year! And if can say it enough, the best way to thank an author is to write a review and tell others about the series. 

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Sorry for your losses :(
Thank you for taking the time to explain to us why you’ve pushed the book release back
Really appreciate it and once again condolences to you and wishing you all the best

McKenzie Hunter

Tae, thank you so much.


Sorry for your losses.
I hope that this year will be your your to shine

McKenzie Hunter

Kylie, thank you so much. I feel better each day. Today, I wrote more than I have in the past two weeks. :) I am glad I took the time off because I really needed it. :)


I am sorry for the loss to you and your family. I hope you were able to take time for yourself during this time. That is more important than jetting the publication deadline. It is kind of you to let us know what was going on. I hope that things improve. Looking forwa d to the next book whenever it is published.

McKenzie Hunter

I am sorry it took so long to respond. Thank you so much. I feel better and I am back to writing daily.

Vanessa Rodrigues

Sorry for your loss Mckenzie, it’s never easy and no words are enough to console!!
It’s important to take time for yourself. I hope it will get you back on track. I’ve been completely offline with personal issues, but i’ll make sure to keep posting on your blog!!
Best of luck with everything!!


I am so sorry. I hope this year brings greatness to you. I am glad you took a break. You shouldn’t feel sadness and stress when writing something you love. I hope you are well and always stay positive. We your fans we’ll be rooting and supporting you.
Best Wishes!
Your Fan Angie