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What is the reading order of your books?

The reading order of my books can be found on my books page. Please note that Sky Brooks World: Ethan, will coincide with Sky Brooks Series. Moon Crossed is Ethan’s POV of Moon Tortured. 

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How many books will be in each series?
  • Sky Brooks Series: 7 books 
  • Sky Brooks World (Ethan’s POV): 7 books 
  • Legacy Series: 4 books
  • Magic Marks: 2 books

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When will they be released?

This is the tentative schedule for my releases. I will update it as things change so please check my group periodically for updates. Snippets are posted in my group as well.   

  • Shadow Bound (Magic Marked: Book 1) co-written with Gena D. Lutz – January 2018
  • Darkness Unveiled (Sky Brooks World: Ethan’s POV Book 2) -January 2018
  • Darkness Unleashed (Sky Brooks Series: Book 6) – January/February 2018
  • Untitled (Legacy Series: Book 4) – February/March 2018
  • Untitled (Sky Brooks World Anthology)- 2018

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Which characters will be in the Sky Brooks World Anthology?

(Note: possible spoilers)

It will include the following:

Gavin and Kelly – It will cover the time frame right after Darkness Unchained where he is tasked to protect Kelly. The reader will get more insight into his past and his relationship with Kelly.

Winter and Sebastian – A prequel to Winter joining the pack as a child.

Senna Nunnes (Sky’s Mom) – Sky’s mother’s life prior to giving birth to Sky.

Joan and Steven- Prequel to Joan finding him, having him changed, and Steven becoming part of the Midwest Pack.

Sable—A prequel to her joining the Northern Seethe.

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Do you listen to music when you write?

Yes, I tend to listen to Brain FM and Spotify. Sometimes I use music to get me into the mindset to write a particular character or scene.  I have a playlist for my series. 

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Do you have book trailers?

I have book trailers for Sky Brooks series. They are on YouTube

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How do you feel about fanfiction of your books?

Fanfiction is extremely flattering. I can’t believe people enjoy my books enough to write fanfiction for it. However, I do ask that you don’t write erotic stories or stories that are disparaging to my characters and stories. Also, the work can’t be sold. 

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I love your characters and the world you've created. May I use your characters in my book?

I’m flattered that you want to do it, but it would confuse the readers. My work is copyrighted to prevent the use of my world and characters. 

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I've written a book. Can you read it and tell me what you think of it?

Due to my heavy work schedule, I don’t have time to beta read except for a small group of friends. 

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As a reader, I love interacting with authors. Do you have a readers group?

Yes, I have group. It’s called McKenzie’s Den of Magic and Mayhem where we discuss my books, urban fantasy (books, movies, and television shows), or whatever seems like a fun topic. Feel free to grab a glass of wine, cup of coffee or tea, and let’s chat

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You write urban fantasy but what do you read?

I read in a variety of genres. Of course, urban fantasy is my first love. I tend to like darker urban fantasy and am drawn to character-driven stories with snarky and witty MCs. My second love are mystery and thrillers. I’m always on the lookout for a great story that will take me on a new adventure. 

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I love your books, can you recommend books similar to yours?

I would love to but since I don’t know what draws you to my books, I recommend you go to Amazon and search my books. Under each one there is the section “customers who bought this item also bought”. You’ll find books that were purchased by readers who purchased my books as well. You can also go to my Amazon page. There you can find “Customers Also Bought Items By” where you will find authors who share my same readership. Finally, readers also find books that are similar to my books by asking the members in my group.

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Do you have other books under a different name?

Yes, I have a steamy romance series under the pen name Amber Rayne. It’s the Pleasure Series. The book titles are: Seven Days, Fourteen Days, and Twenty One Days.

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Do you plan on writing any more romance novels?

I enjoyed writing my romance series. It was fun to write in a different genre, but at this time I want to focus on urban fantasy. I have so many urban fantasy stories I want to write. 

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Do you have an agent?

I am an indie author but I have an agent, Sarah Hershman, who handles audio and foreign rights. You can contact her here.

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