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Happy New Year!

Well, 2016 was a very good and life altering year for me and had a lot of changes. The biggest one being: I BECAME A FULL-TIME WRITER!😃 I couldn’t have done it without my readers and I will NEVER be able to thank you enough. ((HUGS)). I enjoyed being a physical therapist it was rewarding but I absolutely love writing and [...]


I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and will have an exceptional new year. Happy 2016!I know I am late, but December was a very tough month. Unfortunately, I experienced two major losses: my uncle and my editor and friend (John—I mentioned him many times in my blog) both died in December. Most writers can write through life’s ups and [...]

What's New With McKenzie

October was an excellent month for me. I released Midnight Falls and it seems to have been well received based on the favorable feedback and reviews. I had a successful promotion, and I finally feel like those that continued with the series really are starting to get me and the series. But with all the questions answered in Midnight Falls, [...]

My Dinner With Kim

I was reminded of the movie My Dinner with Andre when an homage of it was done on Community, one of my favorite shows. It kind of describes my experience with my cousin Kim, who decided to read the Sky Brooks series. Unlike the movie, we weren’t old friends that went to dinner to discuss our lives. In fact, we [...]

When Good Readers Fall For Bad Characters

I am sure I am not the only one that’s minding my own business reading a delightful book, and then – BAM – a bad character hits you out of nowhere. I am not talking about a poorly written character or Mary Sue/Gary Stu, but a truly bad character. A character that is amoral, mean, caustic, narcissistic, arrogant, a murder, [...]