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Often my friends and family ask me what inspired me to write. I hate telling the story because it seems a little cliché, but some things just happen that way.

Like most authors, I am a reader first. The idea to write came to me while reading a book that just didn’t end up the way I wanted. Was it a bad book? No. It just didn’t appeal to me. We’ve all read a book that had all the right things that you look for in a book, but in the end it just didn’t meet your expectations. It happens. Based on some of my reviews, it has happened to readers of my books. In my case, the author’s muse didn’t meet up with my idea. So be it.  

I often liken the subtle differences that make a book a five star for one person and the same book a one star for another reader to the great pumpkin pie and sweet potato pie debate. I dislike them both, but that is a story for another day. They look alike, and dammit, they almost taste alike! (And don’t try to convince me otherwise.) Yet, people have comically heated debates over which one is better. They are both: milk, sugar, butter, spices and something orange and gross that just shouldn’t be in a pie (yeah, I am talking to you, pumpkin and sweet potato). But it’s that subtle difference that makes people frown when someone gives them the one that isn’t their preference. That small difference that changes the pie too much for the eater to like.

The same thing happened to me while reading this book. It had all the same ingredients found in pumpkin pie, and it even looked similar, yet my taste buds wanted sweet potato. Remember: this is an analogy—I don’t want either one. Please do not offer me pumpkin or sweet potato pie, but I’ll take a key lime pie any day or time.

That night I went to bed disappointed because I wanted what I wanted. It was so close, but instead it was pumpkin pie—and not sweet potato. A very subtle difference that took that book from a five star to me to something else. Now, here’s the cliché: I was awakened out of my sleep with my own story, and that night I started writing Moon Tortured. It took several years and a lot of rewrites, but I ended up with the story I wanted to read and I am forever grateful that it is a story that others like and want to read too.

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